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"My session with Chriselda was nothing short of transformative, healing, and insightful. Her presence is uplifting and reassuring, and her work is magical. I feel the reverberations of the experience at the emotional, physical, and soul levels. Chriselda also offered helpful guidance and advice based on what came up in our session, and followed up with me a few days later to see how I was doing. She is not only gifted in Reiki -- she is also a genuinely kind person full of beautiful energy. I will definitely be seeing her again!"

Chelsie, Brooklyn, NY

Distance Reiki



“I was a walking shell of myself for a few years. Friends and family were concerned, so I started seeing a therapist and making changes for the better. However, there was a disconnect between my physical and spiritual self. A dear woo-woo friend had recommended Chriselda to which I brushed it off. I didn’t want to open Pandora’s box. A few more months passed before I got the nerve to text Chriselda out of fear and desperation.

From her first text response she had me at ease. She responded with what to expect, how we will proceed and how she will follow up. The end of each session she provided me with helpful tools; whether music to listen to, books to read, breathing techniques or some tool to add to my toolbox to take on life.

Her sessions were exactly what I needed to move on in a healthy way. It’s with Chriselda’s healing I was able to find balance and light to life again.”

Cin, Vancouver, WA 

Distance Reiki



"Chriselda's Reiki sessions are highly transformative! Each time you leave you gain amazing insights about your past you never realized were holding you back from being able to heal and move forward in life. You cannot help but feel relaxed and lighter. She truly cares about your well being and you can see this is her passion, helping people to help heal themselves. Try her out to experience the start of your healing journey."

Belma, Lynnwood, WA 

In-Person Reiki


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"Chriselda is an amazing healer. The first time we had a session, we got a connection. I felt a lot of hot and cold sensations throughout the whole session. Chriselda has spent a lot of time healing me with in-person Reiki as well as distance Reiki. During distance Reiki I could feel where her hands were above parts of my body even though I was at home and she was in her Reiki studio. Our connection is truly amazing. They are both equally powerful in my opinion. I have never felt anything like this in my life. I'm so thankful for her in my life."

Felicia, Lynnwood, WA

In-Person and Distance Reiki


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